Winter 2023

  1. NI(E)-AIB Algorithms of Information Security (in Slovak, English)

Summer 2024

  1. NI(E)-MKY Mathematics for Cryptology (in Slovak, English)
Teaching Experience Doctoral theses
  1. Matouš Kozák, Adversarial Learning Techniques for Malware Detection, expected 2027

Master theses
  1. Benjamín Peraus, Reducing the Surface for Adversarial Attacks in Malware Detectors, expected 2024

  2. Jan Dolejš, Algebraic Cryptanalysis of Small-Scale Variants of Stream Cipher E0, expected 2024

  3. Jáchym Machat, Cluster Analysis of Malware Families, expected 2024

  4. Lukáš Děd, Selection of Representative Samples from Datasets for Malware Detection, expected 2024

  5. Mehmet Efe Zorlutuna, Unsupersived Instance Selection for Malware Detection, defended 2023

  6. Daniel Minarovič, Algebraic Cryptanalysis of Small Scale Variants of the Grain (in Slovak), defended 2023

  7. Pavla Louthánová, A Comparison of Adversarial Learning Techniques for Malware Detection, defended 2023, Dean's Award

  8. Matouš Kozák, Application of Reinforcement Learning to Creating Adversarial Malware Samples, defended 2023, Dean's Award

  9. Jana Berušková, Reducing Overdefined Systems of Polynomial Equations Derived from Small Scale Variants of the AES (in Czech), defended 2023

  10. Tomáš Zvára, Generating Malware Family Signatures from Behavioral Graphs using Unsupervised Learning, defended 2022

  11. Jiří Soukup, Algebraic Cryptanalysis of LFSR-based Stream Ciphers (in Czech), defended 2022

  12. Marek Bielik, Algebraic Cryptanalysis of Small Scale Variants of the AES, defended 2021, SVOČ 2021 third place

  13. Libor Šlechta, Simulation of Malware Detection Model (in Czech), defended 2020

  14. Michal Buchovecký, Semi-supervised Learning for Malware Detection (in Slovak), defended 2019

Bachelor theses
  1. Marek Holík, Hard Mathematical Problems in Cryptography, defended 2022

  2. Jan Dolejš, Interpretability of Machine Learning-based Results of Malware Detection using a Set of Rules, defended 2021, Dean's Award

  3. Petr Horák, Cryptanalysis of RSA Based on Factorization, defended 2020

  4. Matouš Kozák, Static Malware Detection Using Recurrent Neural Networks, defended 2020

  5. Jakub Ács, Static Detection of Malicious PE Files, defended 2018

  6. Tomáš Hradský, Real Time Attack of A5/1 (in Czech), defended 2015

  7. Martin Holec, Correlation Attack on A5/1, defended 2015